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Welcome to the 2015 Abbie Rogers Civitan Camp Sessions

Abbie Rogers Civitan Camp is a place where campers get to swim like an Olympian, dance like a dervish, canoe like an explorer, be a stage star, and are the center of attention.

Located in south Mississippi for over 50 years, rolling pine tree filled hills have echoed with laughter and squeals for two weeks each summer. Volunteers ensure children and adults with disabilities experience all camp can offer and the smiles and sparkle in the eyes of happy campers keep most coming back year after year. Those who have lost time for camp due to the clutter of life, often recall camp when walking on a dark dirt road or when the sounds of crickets and frogs fill a hot summer night.

What's camp about? It's about putting someone's needs first. It's about seeing the person, not the differences. The camper receives love and friendship....counselors and staff members receive more than they could ever give.Through the Abbie Rogers Civitan Camp friendships are made character is built,and lives are positively changed.