Experience Camp

At Abbie Rogers Civitan Camp campers swim like an Olympian, dance like a dervish, and canoe like an explorer! Located in South Mississippi for over 50 years, dirt trails woven through the wooded grounds echo with laughter and fun for several weeks in the summer and a long weekend each fall.

Volunteers ensure children and adults with disabilities experience all camp can offer, and the sparkle in camper’s eyes keep most coming back for years. When away from camp, it’s the little things that bring those memories rushing back: a walk on a dirt road, or crickets singing in the night.  Ask anyone who has experienced camp to tell you about it; everyone has an amazing story to tell.  It’s the kind of experience that lasts long after the layers of dirt are washed away.

What is Civitan Camp all about?  It’s about seeing a person first, not their differences.  It’s about putting someone else’s needs first.  Campers receive adventure, fun, and friendship; volunteers receive more than they could ever give.

       Friendships made. Character built. Lives changed.