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Experience Camp

Campers have been experiencing adventures at Abbie Rogers Civitan Camp for over 50 years.
Laughter echoes non-stop through the South-Mississippi woods where camp takes place for
two weeks in the summer and again over a long weekend in the fall. Whether campers want to
swim like fish or reel them in, glide over the water in an innertube or relax on the boat, show
off their talents on stage or in arts and crafts… Civitan is the perfect place to make camp
memories that will last a lifetime!

Volunteers ensure children and adults with disabilities experience all camp has to offer. It’s the
smiles on campers’ faces, the sparkle in their eyes when they’ve done something for the first
time, and the little moments between the adventures that keep volunteers coming back year
after year. It doesn’t take much for camp memories to come rushing back during the rest of the
year. Walking down a dirt road, hearing crickets chirp, or running into a camp friend around
town may not seem like much, but to camp family? It’s everything. Just ask anyone who’s
experienced camp. Watch the way their face lights up. Listen to the excitement in their voice as
they recount favorite camp stories. Camp may only happen for a few weeks each year, but
campers and volunteers alike start counting down the days until we get to come back!

What is Civitan Camp all about?  It’s about putting someone else’s needs first, and seeing people, not disabilities. For campers, camp is a fun week filled with adventure. But the best parts of camp are the life-changing friendships that stay with us long after we drive through the gates to go home.

       Friendships made. Character built. Lives changed.     

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