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In 1961, going off for summer camp was the norm for many children - but not all.  Abbie Rogers, a seasoned special educator with new ideas, realized that people with disabilities were left out.  She set out to right that wrong. 

Abbie's vision to create such a camp began with a small staff, 18 counselors and campers, and the support of local organizations.  Despite prevailing discouragement for a mammoth undertaking, off to the woods Abbie went, armed with tents and bold determination! Now, this camp is a favorite tradition for many.

The Abbie Rogers Civitan Camp has grown since the 60s through the decades, and now has three annual camp sessions, with nearly 1000 people in and out of the camp gates each year, and of those, 250 children and adults with disabilities. What’s so fun about this camp?  That’s easy:  we have a BLAST!  There are countless outcomes as a result of the Abbie Rogers Civitan Camp, but the key goal is this: through Civitan Camp friendships are made, character is built, and lives are positively changed.

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